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RotaChock Adjustable Machinery Chock


RotaChock is the latest development for industries where its design puts this chock miles ahead of any competition. It is a self-leveling, adjustable and reusable machinery mounting chock. Designed for use under equipment that requires coplanar mounting surfaces, like driving or driven machines. It quickly and economically eliminates soft foot during production line assembly of the equipment and provides a solid support during the life cycle, while always offering the possibility of quick re-alignment.

Distinict Advantages and Benefits:
– First Class design
– Type Approved product
– Saves previous time on machinery or engines installation
– Quick re-alignment of machinery or engines
– Superior handling of coplanar mounting surfaces vs conventional methods
– Ensures optimum contact surface if the foundations & the machine foot are not parallel
– Avoids trial and error during machinery installation
– Offers a wider adjustment range
– Self-leveling and adjustable design
– Re-usable throughout machine life cycle
– Eliminates soft foot during line assembly
– Allows the foundation bolt to be tensioned to any required torque
– Ability to take 1.5X to 3X times greater loads
– Flexible configurations options and material available
– Made in The Netherlands

RotaChock Machinery Chock Brochure

RotaChock Data Sheets:
Data Sheet for Rail Type Engines
Data Sheet for Foot Mounted Engines
Data Sheet for Motors / Generators
Data Sheet for Reciprocating Compressors

RotaChock Installation Guides:
RotaChock – Quick Field Guide
RotaChock – Detailed Installation Guide



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