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Belt Tension Tester

Belt Tension Measuring

METZIN Belt Tension Meter

Precisely tensioned belts reduce belt and ball bearing wear.

The belt tension measuring instrument has replaced the thumb as the method used to measure the tension of taut drive belts. Not only because it is no longer up to date, but because it is far too imprecise. What’s more, you can’t really record and certify thumb pressure in accordance with ISO standards. You can, however, record the measurement results gained using our Metzin belt tension meter in accordance with DIN.

Our Metzin belt tension meter measures the natural frequency of a stationary, taut belt that has been tapped to make it oscillate and displays this frequency in hertz. At the same time, the strand force is calculated in newtons and also displayed. These results can be recorded in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 ff.

The measurement results can be displayed in different languages. The scope of delivery includes the measuring instrument and the light sensor, packaged in a practical carrying case.



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