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Motor Winding Analyzer



All-Test PRO IV

Product Features:
– Versatile Works on all types and sizes of motors-induction, synchronous, servo, including DC motors and more.
– Sensitive Detects faults at their earliest stages, before motor failure and detects deep winding faults.
– Fast Testing only takes a few minutes and will give you a complete picture of motor health.
– Convenient Tests can be taken from the motor control center, through hundreds of feet of cable.
– Easy to use Menu driven with on-screen prompts.

LATEST! All-Test PRO® 5

Product Features:

Reference Test (TVS™)
An initial baseline test is performed using the Test Value Static (TVS™).
Results are stored in the ALL-TEST PRO® 5 and subsequent test results
can be immediately recalled on the instrument to instantly show you any
developing problems or changes with the rotor and stator. Access to the
software is not required.

On The Spot Diagnosis For Troubleshooting
ALL-TEST PRO ® 5 results are immediately displayed for field evaluation.
Our quick reference guide helps you make the call on the spot. Answer the
mechanical / electrical question immediately and rule the motor “IN” or “OUT”.

Rapid Evaluation of the Entire Motor Circuit
Immediate and complete information on Status of Stator, Rotor,
Connections, Contamination and Ground Faults A single,
2-minute test evaluates the windings, cabling, and connections.
Additional tests let you evaluate the rotor and cabling to pinpoint
the fault.

Completely Redesigned OnScreen Menu for Easy to Use
Navigation icons plus text based menu with on-screen prompts.

Comprehensive Motor Diagnosis
Expert software provides fault diagnosis plus trending of all data.

Early Fault Detection
Detects faults at their earliest stages, before motor failure,
including deteriorating or contaminated insulation, as well as
“deep” winding faults.

Versatile Features
Analyzes complete stator and rotor health on all types and sizes
of motors, transformers and generators – induction, synchronous,
servo, AC, DC and more.

Remote Measurements
Tests can be performed directly at motor terminals or from distances
greater than 1,000 ft.

Swift Testing
A two-minute test can ensure that your motor is healthy.

Route-based testing and trending – ideal for predictive maintenance.

Extensive Reporting
Report shows bad connections, winding & turn faults, air gap, broken-
bar, contamination and ground faults.



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