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Instrument Rentals

Rental Instruments available from us:

  1. AVV-701 Advance Laser Shaft Alignment System, model: AVV-701
  2. AVV-701PRO Profession Geometrcial Alignment System (Applications: Flatness, Bore centerline & Straightness includes 25m laser)
  3. Rotalign PRO Laser Shaft Alignment System
  4. KX-2500 Laser Pulley Belt Alignment Tool
  5. 107B Compact FFT Vibrometer Data Collector
  6. BT-77 Bearing Diagnostic Tester
  7. HS-620 Vibration and Bearing Condition meter
  8. C911 Two-channel FFT Data Collector and FFT Analyzer
  9. MVB-55 Series Video Borescope with 5.5mm inspection probe
  10. Leica DISTO D3 Laser Distance Meter 100m range
  11. MBX-2.0 Portable Bearing Induction Heater

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Terms & Conditions Apply:

The rent/ lease period shall commence upon collection of equipment at METZIN Technologies & Consulting Pte Ltd premises / shipping freight document and shall continue until the equipment is returned to the same place. Agreement for rental and deposit payment is required for any equipment rental. Customer shall made payment for the entire period at the rate specified in the agreed rental/ lease offer.

Claims And Damage:

Customer shall defend and indemnify METZIN Technologies & Consulting Pte Ltd against all claims arising out of leasers’ transportation or use of the equipment and all loss or damage to the equipment during the rental period. Appraisal of loss or damage shall be based upon the equipment values. The expense of all repairs made during the lease period, including labour, material, parts and other items shall be paid by customer. Customer shall examine the equipment upon collection and notify METZIN Technologies & Consulting Pte Ltd of the nature of any defects or damage.
In the absence of such notice, the equipment shall be presumed to be in acceptable condition. Customer is completely responsible for the safe return of the equipment and in the event of loss or confiscation, must compensate METZIN Technologies & Consulting Pte Ltd of the full value of a replacement unit. Lease terms will continue until compensation is made in full.



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