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Belt Pulley Alignment


KX-3550 Pulley PRO® / KX-2550 Pulley Partner – Advanced Laser Pulley Alignment System
(USA Patented Reflected Laser Beam Technology)

Pulley PRO® is a state of the art advanced pulley alignment system that makes use of high clarity optics coupled with latest green laser technology.
One of the most efficient and reliable laser belt alignment tools available, the Pulley Pro® is an extremely powerful device.
It takes advantage of the USA patented reflected beam technology, allowing for maximum angular resolution.
The vertical and horizontal angle corrections including parallel offset can be easily determined

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Key Advantages and Features are as follows:

-Minimum alignment time required by showing angular, parallel, and offset simultaneously
-No double checking required: Single measurement and misalignment correction in one go
-Highly accurate and efficient vs any other tool in the market
-Proven and USA patented reflected laser beam technology
-Covers distance up to 15 feet. or better
-High clarity green laser beam is 10x times clearer than red laser
-Reduces vibration and belt noise
-Prolongs belt and pulley life
-Reduces down time and energy costs
-Fast and easy to use
-No training required
-One-person operation

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Download KX-2550 brochure



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