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Precision Levelling System

PRECISION LEVELLING SYSTEM – Introducing Micro-Level 30

The precise alignment of machines is a vital part of the Quality Management process. Especially in the tool machinery market precision down to a micro units is required. Our new micro-Level system is an easy to handle yet very precise system for the measurements of straightness and parallelism.
By using it as a stand alone instrument or in combination with our software which guides you through the steps and then documents the results. The micro-Level also allows the user to use two micro-levels at the same time.

Where one of them serves as a continuous reference. You can also store the measurements in the unit and connect it to the software afterwards. By using the integrated Bluetooth wireless capability in micro-Level you can connect it directly to a Android based smartphone or to a Microsoft WIndows based PC.

Our software can be connected two micro-Level systems at the same time. The user can “zero” the data or show them a differential value. Furthermore you can use the dialer for a easy read-out display.

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