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Introducing RollCheck Green Roll Alignment System SX-5100

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Patented Reflected Beam Technology


RollCheck® Green is a roll alignment system that speed-up quick alignment checks and the replacement of rolls in the processing industry.
The RollCheck® roll alignment system uses the latest in green laser technology that delivers serious results. The green laser lines are 10X’s brighter to the operator than a red laser line. Patented reflected beam technology provides an effective, fast and simple way to measure and correct vertical angle (pitch) and horizontal angle (parallelism) between the rolls.

Advantages and features:
– Reduces down time and product waste due to roll misalignment
– Increases production with proper alignment of rolls
– Compact design, fits into small spaces
– Fast and easy
– No training required
– One-person operation
– Facilitates more frequent roll checks
– Proven reflected laser beam technology
– Pays for itself quickly

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